How to build a gobar deck and three dishes for about $25.

This downloadable PDF is a detailed how-to instruction manual that describes building a gobar deck, and three gobar dishes from low-cost materials, using some simple tools.


Table of Contents:

$25 = Gobar Deck and 3 Dishes
Tools and Supplies
Keep the Scraps!
Cutting Diagram and List
Cut list
Circle Cutting Jig
The Gobar Dishes
Going in Circles
Building the Concave Routing Jig
The Gobar Deck
Top and Bottom of the Gobar deck
Locating the Gobar Deck Top
Make it More Useful
A Few Notes
100% Guarantee
Where to buy pre-built gobar decks, kits, and dishes
Where to buy gobar rods (clamps)
Radius Dish Guide Measurements



Excerpt from the book:


"I’m cheap by nature. Dirt cheap. I love the ease of buying pre-made tools and parts, but I have a hard time swallowing paying exorbitant amounts for simple tools that I can build at home.

The gobar deck is a crazy simple tool for gluing multiple small parts at the same time. I use the gobar deck and gobar dishes for gluing top and back braces for acoustic guitars, but you might use it for gluing up odd shaped parts, as an alternative for the even more expensive vacuum press, or gluing up multiple copies of the same piece without paying $15-$25 per clamp.

Stewart-MacDonald# sells a very nice gobar deck kit for $115, plus $98 for each dish. LMI# also sells one for $149, plus $75 for each dish. I would encourage you to patronize both of these companies, as I do... they offer hard-to-find tools and parts for decent prices, and offer a ton of help to the beginning guitar builder and repairman. The thing is, if you’re like me, at a glance, building the gobar deck itself was a no-brainer, but it took a while to figure out how to make the dishes with only basic tools, and a simple jig.

The great thing about the gobar deck and dishes is that you can adapt them to your needs. If you need them longer and narrower, just tweak the plans. L-shaped? No problem. So, let’s get started!"


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