24 SepIt’s back!

After a long haitus, www.gobardeck.com is back online! It’s a long sordid story of hosting companies, domain names, and the new Wii U game console from Nintendo.

It all began early this year, around February when my hosting company decided that because of the amount of traffic coming to my various websites, I was under a denial of service attack. Essentially, they decided to shut down my hosting, due to too many viewers/customers.

In the world I live in, having a lot of viewers/customers is a good thing. It was because of this difference of opinion that I decided to part ways with them. So, I cancelled my hosting account. Of course (of course!) this cancelled about 10 of my domains, including this one (gobardeck.com).

This brings us to my most recent consulting project, which since February has been in Seattle (Redmond), Washington at Nintendo, working on some things for their new Wii U console launch.

Since I’m flying up there nearly every week, and working my tail off, I haven’t had much time to spend tracking down these issues, and getting the site fixed. I really started focusing on getting the site back online over a month ago, and have had nearly daily calls with my old hosting company working to reclaim the domain they cancelled, transferring it to a new account with them, and eventually transferring it to a new domain registrar. Ugh.

So, despite the best efforts of my old hosting company, gobardeck.com is back online!


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