07 DecSketching a Guitar

A recent article on a graphic/web design site got me thinking about what it is that I use to “sketch” a new guitar that I want to build. What is the inspiration… what things make me want to build one? What notes do I take… what lists do I make?

Right now I’m building a basic Sitka Spruce and Mahogany OM-style 14-fret acoustic guitar. The original inspiration for it was an article in the Fretboard Journal from a couple years ago which had a photo of some random lucky person playing a ’30’s OM-28. Beautiful guitar.

I was paging through a magazine and found a photo of an unbound dreadnaught that just _popped_! I really liked it, and thought I’d do a no-purfling version of my own that had a simple black binding on both the top and bottom.

For my next guitar, I’m going to do an OM-style but with a cutaway and a 12-fret neck, probably out of claro walnut for the top, back and sides. The inspiration being the new Taylor 12-fret line, and an all-walnut GS that is my desktop background, which Taylor sent out in their email newsletter a couple months back. I can’t wait to get started!

How do _you_ sketch a guitar?

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